The 3rd Edge

The 3rd Edge explores the dichotomies we face every day and seeks to turn these challenges into opportunities. The 3rd Edge explores the numerous conflicting and competing priorities we encounter in business and in our personal lives. Dichotomies such as: We offer consulting, education and publishing services to help organizations and individuals confront and make […]

Patreon – A Study In Pussification

Pussification: the state in which a society becomes less and less tough[i] When the comedian George Carlin used the term pussification[ii] he was referring to the introduction of Harley Davidson themed restaurants and the evidence they provided that the tough brand had sold out to the soft world of weekend motorcyclists. It was a sign […]

The Future Sex Love Art Projekt

I am the Series Executive Producer for The Future Sex Love Art Projekt – created by the incredible writer and director Missy Jubilee.  The Future Sex Love Art Project is a 250 episode documentary project. With over 180 million views it has become THE MOST AWARDED, MOST VIEWED, MOST SUCCESSFUL EROTIC ART FILM PROJECT IN […]


I am passionate about writing books and blogs that educate, empower and inspire people to lead their best lives. I love diving into the murky waters of the human condition and searching for the gems that will lead to greater knowledge, acceptance, compassion and a sense of community. Here is the current list of books […]

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